Gas and Weld Industrial Solutions is YOUR one stop welding and industrial supply shop!  Our products are of the highest quality, sourced from leading global suppliers.  Our service is best in its class with technical welding and gas application assistance, same day delivery and after-hours support.  Allow us to be your partner in the workshop. Located at Unit D2, in the Fountains Industrial Park, 20-22 Dan Jacobs Street, Alrode, we are on your door step and ready to assist.  


We have the solution for every need, no matter the size of the job. 



For the supply of industrial and speciality gases, we are a proud distributor of Air Products, stocking Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon and Coogar gas range covering all applications in MMA, MIG ad TIG welding, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, high purity speciality gases (Oxygen 5.0, Nitrogen 5.0, Helium 5.0, Carbon Dioxide 4.8, Argon 5.0), calibration gases and the fresh line range for food packaging. For the supply of LPG, we stock and distribute 9Kg, 19Kg and 48Kg cylinders.                                  


Spanjaard, a proudly South African manufacture of lubricant products, offers you a proven range of world-class special lubricants to meet your needs, including T-cutting fluid and compound for tapping, drilling and reaming of all steels including stainless and aluminium, Universal Metal Protector an anti-corrosive film for most metals, Spatter release (non-silicone) for prevention of weld spatter adherence on welding nozzles for TIG/MIG/CO2/Flux cored welding, Cold Zinc galvanising spray providing protective final coating on primer whenever steel will be exposed to corrosive conditions, industrial and food grade greases, Spark multi-purpose lubricant, penetrating sprays and fluids, cleaning agents and many more. 


We supply the full range of products from Grinding Techniques (SUPERFLEX) including a full range of industrial quality cutting and grinding wheels, Andor Bonded Abrasives, Sandflex coated abrasive products, an extensive range of high-quality diamond saws and related diamond and CBN wheels and A comprehensive range of Tungsten Carbide Burrs. SUPERFLEX cutting and Angle grinding disks are made in South Africa, to the highest international standards of OSA and ISO.  SUPERFLEX products offers value for money through increased productivity in the workplace. 


Our product range includes a full range of reliable, quality-guaranteed Welding and Cutting equipment and consumables for Plasma Cutting, MIG, TIG and ARC welding. 


For best quality and best value for money, we are associated with 2 key brands namely JASIC and Pioneer Welding:

  • JASIC is an international developer, manufacturer and supplier of welding inverters and integrated welding solutions that represent value, reliability, durability and innovation. JASIC is so confident in the quality, performance and reliability of their products, that each of their inverters carry a 3-year guarantee.
  • Pioneer Welding’s welding and cutting equipment, are manufactured by the largest Chinese manufacturer of welding and cutting machines in the world, with over 60 years of expertise in the field.

Alternatively we also distribute ESAB, Lincoln, Octoweld and Matweld welding and cutting equipment.   

On the consumables side, we supply a full range of consumables for ARC, MIG and TIG welding, and stock Atlantic, Octoweld, Harris, ESAB, Lincoln, Pioneer and Matweld.  All our consumables, including regulators, flash back arrestors, torches, welding and cutting nozzles, electrodes and MIG wire, has been manufactured to the latest international standards.  For the smaller size job, we stock electrodes in smaller packages (1 – 5 Kg packages). 

Extraction of welding fumes and dust in the workshop, is critical to protect the health of workers.  We can evaluate your workshop to customize a solution for your work environment, including compact extraction units and diluters from the Plymovent brand. 


We are partnered with Pioneer Safety, Dromex and Matus for a full range of protective gear for the workplace, including welding helmets, goggles, gloves, protective clothing, shoes and many more.  All safety gear complies to the latest safety standards.


We stock high quality products covering both the DIY and industrial size job. Power tool brands in stock are:

  • Hitachi
  • Dewalt